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    Allie LaForce and Joe Smith’s married life is going strong but recently the biggest news came out that Joe Smith might have a risk to have a baby. That, Scary right! So, what’s going on?

    Joe Smith has a 50 percent chance of suffering from Huntington’s Disease which his mom has. The disease is hereditary and upon having a child Joe faces the risk of passing it to his children. Does this have an impact on their marriage? Scroll below as we have more new on this.

    Allie LaForce meeting her Dream Man

    LaForce and Smith tied the knot on January 17, 2015, which was one of the lavish weddings in history.


    Joe Smith (left) with Allie LaForce (right) in their wedding.

    But before diving straight into the pair married life, let’s explore their dating life. Allie met Joe in 2013 after a couple of exchange of tweets. LaForce put out an open challenge to beat her in hoops. And who else than Joe, coming from a sports background accepted the challenge by retweeting her.

    There was an exchange of tweets and the fans suspected of something between them eventually. The pair spend a lot of time understanding each other before making up their mind to put a ring on each others’ fingers.

    Joe and Allie Extravagant Wedding Affair

    Allie married her dream man in 2015 at University Circle United Methodist Church. The event went down as one of the lavish weddings in history. Their marriage took place for days with a reception in Cleveland, Ohio, the USA.

    Joe Smith with his wife Allie.

    Reflecting back to their marriage, the event was heavily guarded by security. The brides’ mother cried, we can understand that as every mom would seeing their daughter going to someone else home. The bride and groom wore some designer outfits and so did the guest.

    The pictures were only taken by their private photographer and some of them are posted on Allie Instagram page.

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    Huntington’s Disease the barrier to start a Family

    Joe and Allie LaForce do not share any children as they do not want to risk the future generation with the disease. Smith has openly discussed the disease and expressed his fear. The disease has some scary consequences. The patient suffers from Cognitive, Psychiatric State, and Body movements with a mix of Alzheimer and Parkinson.

    In an interview, Joe Smith got quite emotional speaking about his mom’s state because of the disease. Furthermore, he said,

    I’ve talked to people who have tested positive, and they’ve fallen into depression for months. I just don’t know how it would affect me mentally. If I drop something, it’s like, “what the heck? I used to catch that. Is it natural or Huntington’s disease?”

    Despite all of this, the power couple has stayed by each other’s side and now are trying to adapt the solution to start a family. The couples are using Vitro Fertilization in combination with genetic testing known as PGD-IVF.

    Joe Smith (left) with his wife Allie (right) attending a fundraiser for HelpCure HD foundation.

    Not just that, the pair is also doing good for the community by raising awareness about the disease with their foundation named HelpCureHD.


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