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    Amy Matthews have long achieved a successful career and a lovely family. She married her boyfriend Aaron Doering and is now living a happy family life.

    The couple is blessed with one child, a son named Eli Doering. When searched about Amy Matthews, some online tabloids report about her plastic surgery and her divorce. So, what’s that all about? Well, guys, here we are going to clear your doubts on that with the real information.

    Amy Matthews and Aaron Doering Marriage

    The DIY host Amy married her longtime boyfriend Aaron Doering. Amy is a very private person and does not share much about her personal life. So, the exact date of the wedding between the beautiful couple is not known.

    Aaron Doering (left) with his wife Amy Matthews (right) traveling in Singapore.

    Doering is a professor and director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab. Doering shares his expert knowledge on technology at the University of Minnesota. He is an advocate of climate change and teaches about sustainability and climate change to his students.

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    He travels a lot across the world sharing his knowledge about Climate change to over 15 million students. Aaron visited all the seven continents since 2004 mostly to the Arctic Circumpolar. Matthews has commended a good married life with her husband and son.

    Amy Matthews’ Fun-Filled Pool Day With Her Son

    The charming host of the DIY house renovation show, Amy spends a lot of quality time with her son. As her spouse travels a lot with respect to teaching about climate change, Amy fulfills the vacant space left by him in Eli’s life.

    Amy Matthews spent a good day with her kid at the pool to beat the heat. Aaron does makeup time for his family whenever he is in town. Doering spent a lot of time during the summer with his son and beloved wife.

    Amy Matthews enjoying pool day with her son Eli Doering to beat the summer.

    We can know how much Aaron loves his family by the following actions. When he does not have any time, then he travels with his whole brood to wherever he goes. That way, he fulfills the time he cannot spend with his family.

    Amy Matthews Rumors and Controversies

    The beautiful host spends less time with her husband and in the most marriage that creates a problem in the relationship. But Amy loves her hubby very much and supports her scholar spouse in every situation. Some online tabloids are reporting about her problems in her marriage. The duo is not getting a divorce.

    Well, the information is wrong and to all the fans of the host, we can say that those are all rumors. The couple relationship is not in a rocky patch and they are living a very happy married life. Aaron Doering stays away from the media as much as possible and is very busy to involve in any sort of controversies.

    Did She Get a Plastic Surgery?

    Most fans want to know the answer to this question and are one of the most searched queries about her as well. Amy Matthews did not have any plastic surgery but rather its another Amy Matthews with the same name who went through it.

    What a coincidence, isn’t it? Two people with the same name and the later Amy is from the fitness world whereas the Amy Matthews we’re talking about is a DIY house renovation show host.