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    The favorite Chef on America’s Test Kitchen, Bridget Lancaster is a married woman for a long time now. Lancaster married her longtime boyfriend Stephen Lancaster.

    “To reach a man’s heart, you need to go through his stomach”. This statement is proven by Bridget Lancaster when Stephen fall in love with this beauty. Now, let’s find out more about their married life.

    Bridget Lancaster’s Married Life. Know about her Husband

    The 50-year-old chef married her longtime boyfriend Stephen Lancaster back in the 90s. However, the exact date of the couple marriage is not known. Here is some fact for you guys, her husband Stephen is also a chef.

    Stephen Lancaster works as a chef at Hawthorne-by-the-sea in Swampscott. The couple together with their family in Boston, USA as of 2019. Both of them are passionate about cooking and it takes no genius to guess how the couple fell in love with each other.

    ATK Host Bridget Lancaster’s husband Stephen Lancaster

    Bridget Lancaster’s intimate Wedding…

    The pair have not revealed their exact wedding date and details about their wedding event. As per sources, Bridget married Stephen in an intimate wedding event. The close friends and family attended the wedding.

    Prior to their marriage, Bridget went out with Stephen for a couple of years. Finally, when they decided to take their relationship to the next level it was probably with a good taste of food. The pair probably looked very beautiful together but unfortunately, there is no pictorial evidence to go with it.

    Stephen is also an amazing chef and is serving the best and different varieties of food for many guests from around the world. Bridget lives with her husband and is survived by their two children.

    Bridget Lancaster’s Children

    After marrying for so long, Bridget and Stephen’s love grew even more after the arrival of their children in their life. Bridget gave birth to the pair first son named Tom Lancaster in 2002.

    The joyful moment in their life showered more love in their family. Bridget and Stephen welcomed another son, James Lancaster in 2008 doubling their happiness. Despite being very occupied by their works, the duo manages their personal life very well.

    Bridget like most moms loves to cook for her family while her husband supports her in her choirs. Lancaster family sits down for dinner every night together and on Sunday the whole family gets to taste Bridget special dish.

    Bridget Lancaster’s current Relationship Status

    As of 2019, the duo is in a perfect place in their marital relationship. Both of them avoid any sort of rumors or controversies in their personal life. The couple is perfectly happy together and lives in Boston, the USA with their family.

    Just like Koren Grieveson, Bridget also hosts TV show where the controversies broke out. Although Bridget is not surrounded by any controversies in her personal life, her TV show America’s Test Kitchen host Christopher Kimball faced a lawsuit in 2016. And guess what, America’s Test Kitchen filed the lawsuit against Kimball for ripping ATK properties.

    Bridget Lancaster (left) with her co-host Julia Collin Davison (right) from the show America’s Test Kitchen

    After leaving ATK, Christopher Kimball started his new business Milk Street whereas ATK is hosted by Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison.