Quick Facts of RayMond Yu

  • Full NameRayMond Yu
  • Date of Birth12 July, 1982
  • NicknameChina Mac, G-Kay
  • Marital Status Single
  • BirthplaceBrooklyn, NY
  • Ethnicity Mixed
  • ProfessionRapper
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Black
  • Hair colour Black
  • BuildAverage
  • Online PresenceInstagram
  • Horoscope Cancer

“If the roots of a tree are not strong enough, a slow wind can destroy it.” The given quotation matches the life of China Mac whose father was involved in an extremely violent Chinese American gang which was popular for murders, drug trafficking and other crimes in the 80s. Following the footsteps of father, China also got engaged with the gang Ghost Shadows at the age of 12.

Mac was sentenced to jail for 10 years in the case of attempted murder of Christopher Louie. After his release from jail, he now has established his career as an American rapper. Let’s know in detail about China Mac in the upcoming sections of his biography.

Early Life of China Mac

Born in Brooklyn, New York during the 80s, China Mac easily got chances to observe the criminal activities around him. His father was also engaged with a dangerous Chinese American gang called Flying Dragons that focused on kidnapping, murders, and drug trafficking.

China Mac wishes his mother a Happy Father's Day in 2018
China Mac wishes his mother a Happy Father’s Day in 2018
Image Source: China’s Instagram

On one hand, his father was inspiring him to be a gang member, however, on the other hand, his mother focused on his good upbringing and also played the role of a dad in his life. That is the reason China believes wishing his mom on Father’s Day. He has also admitted saying:

[My Father] was actually one of the top guys. He was never around; I really didn’t know him like that. Well, I grew up, and I hated him actually. I [wanted] to be everything that he wasn’t. But instead of me going to school and doing the right thing, I was like, ‘I’m going to be a gangsta.

As a result, Mac went to be a part of a revival gang of Flying Dragons at the age of 12. The gang he joined was called Flying Dragons gang where he had got his nickname G-Kay.

Life In Flying Dragons Gang

After getting involved in the Flying Dragons Gang, China robbed banks and dealt drugs in order to make money. Prior to joining the gang, his interest in rap was at the peak. He used to write rap songs and was engaged in freestyle battles as well. At the age of 18, Mac sentenced three years for engaging in gang-related crimes.

Attempted Murder of Christopher Louie

After struggling with hard times in prison, China Mac was stepping towards a bigger crime that nobody knew. He attempted murder of Christopher Louie, an associate of Jin. During the time, China took Jin to the bathroom of a club they were in. As soon as Mac confronted Jim for disrespecting one of his friend’s wife, Louie entered the bathroom with a knife.

The image of China Mac
The image of China Mac

Instantly, China pulled out a gun with an intention to shoot Louie in the head. Surprisingly, his gun got jammed which ended up shooting in the back of Louie. Making a run to Canada with a fake passport, China got arrested on the same day of the crime. After that, he got declared 10 years imprisonment. Later, he said:

I hated every day that I was in prison, but I love every lesson that I learned in prison. Lessons that I learned in prison proved to be invaluable right now. It’s making me the difference. It’s a gift and a curse. Prison in a lot of ways saved me, taught me a lot of things that I might have not learned anywhere else.

When remembering the incident, China takes him lucky as his gun was jammed during the crime which left him free in the world after finishing his sentence.

Life After The Prison

After spending decades in prison, China decided to establish his own record label titled Red Money Record with the $7,000 he made through selling drugs while in prison. Also, he invested some of his money to buy a pet store for his mom.

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As of 2019, Mac has over 1.1K followers on his Instagram profile. He has also released a rap song titled The Yard which features Jadakiss, an American rapper. At present, China is focusing on his career-making rather than getting engaged in any sort of crime.

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