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    Christina Broccolini is an actress who came to fame after working in the show named Mystery Hunters.

    Moreover, the show was broadcasted in the year 2002. The theme of the show was very interesting and life risky, which is why the show caught the eyes of many people, especially teenagers.

    Mystery Hunters

    Mystery Hunters is a reality show which was aired in the year 2002. It was hosted by Araya and Christina. The theme of the show was to travel to the places where people would dare not to.

    Mystery Hunters
    Mystery Hunters

    Also, they used to go to mysterious places like Bigfoot, vampires, mind control, the Bermuda Triangle and witches then investigate the mysteries of those places. Also, they answer the questions sent by the viewers.


    Christina’s film career

    Christina, after doing various television shows, she experimented with the movies as well. She has been starred in various movies. Furthermore, she debuted with a short film named Expatriate and her name in the movie was Sasha which was released in the year 2010. The movie was not a big hit but her acting was recommendable.

    Christina Broccolini
    Christina Broccolini

    To be a producer, Christina learned about acting and acted in television and movies. Her ultimate goal was to become a producer. Then, she was seen in three other movies in the year 2010, namely The Underground, You Are So Undead and Enamour. In 2011, her three movies, Face Divided, I Love You, The Perfect Boss and What Happens Next released.

    Is she married?

    Looking at the Facebook pictures of her sister Sarah Broccolini, it seems like Christina is married.
    This is the post of February 2016, in which Christina is dressed up like a bride.

    The pictures are also clicked with their family members and bridesmaids. However, she herself as not talked about her personal life in public.

    Short Bio on Christina Broccolini

    ‘Christina Carmen Dominica’ best known as Christina Broccolini is an American actor and producer. She also hosted the shows. Her popular shows include Mystery Hunters, Blue Mountain State, etc. She was born on 9th March 1985 in West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Christina Broccolini earns a good amount of money from her works. Her estimated net worth is close to $1 million as of 2018. According to some sources, the Canadian actor receives an average salary of $40,067 per year.

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