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    Yes, guys, it’s been a decade now since DeWanda Wise said, ‘I Do’ in front of everyone. She married her boyfriend of three months, Alano Miller who also features in Fox Drama Shots Fired. The lovely couple is in love ever since and over the time it has grown exponentially. Do they have any children?

    Wise accumulated a huge fan base after her NetFlix special She Gotta Have It. After that, her appearance in Shots Fired Wise impressed critics with her acting. Let’s know more about their marital relationship.

    DeWanda Wise’s Married Life with Alano Miller

    We all know, Wise can look beautiful in almost anything and so does Miller. In her big day, as well, the actress walked down the aisle in a beautiful dress while Alano waited for her. As soon as she walked in Miller’s eyes sparkled and the way he looked at her got everyone hearts beating.

    Alano Miller (right) with his wife DeWanda Wise (left)

    The couple then exchanged wedding vows in front of their friends, family, and loved ones. After that, the pair were pronounced husband and wife, simultaneously, after that, the duo sealed it with a kiss. They still remember their big day on June 26, 2009, and recently they celebrated their tenth anniversary together.

    Their First Date…

    Wise and Miller first locked eyes on each other in 2009 only three months before the wedding. However, there are no details provided by the couple on their first date. But we’re sure it was romantic and both of them might’ve felt a beautiful connection with each other.

    In an interview, the actress said that,

    “I married my husband after three months, I just knew”.

    Miller might’ve also felt the same way. The couple went out on a few dates and took the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. It worked out for both of them as the couple is very much in love.

    DeWanda Wise and her husband posing for a photograph

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    Her Children, Movies, and TV Shows

    In all these years of her marital life, Wise is still to welcome her children. Miller and Wise are both very busy with so much work coming every time. They are still waiting for the right time to expand their family tree.

    Wise is very much involved in advocating about black women. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said,

    “I decided to color my armpit hair, because razors were just marketed to women in the 19th century”.

    She did this for her role in She’s gotta have it and furthermore, Wise said,

    “We don’t have to shave. By all means, I shave…but my aunts don’t shave. It’s good to question and discover what feels right and fits you”.

    In her personal life as well, she goes and gets what she wants. Just like in her marriage, Wise knew Alano Miller is the one for her and she proposed not the other way around. In an interview with Bustle, she talked about her childhood and went for what she wanted. 

    “I was that kid who always knew what they wanted to do, and I always did everything possible to make it happen”.

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