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    You can talk about such a great feeling as love, you can write poems and songs and tell everyone you know about it. But sometimes all you need to do something right thing and this will mean more for a person than any words you can say. Well, today we are getting into the topic of such beautiful love life of Dough Dunne and Jill Bauer.

    Wondering what is keeping the couple together for this long? Here is the secret to their successful married life. And if you are one of their fans then we highly suggest you read the article cause guys love is in the corner.

    Who is Jill Bauer Husband? Know about her Children & Family

    As said before, Jill Bauer is married to her husband Doug Dunne. The couple exchanged the wedding vows via an intimated ceremony on 18 October 2003. However, the details about Bauer and her husband first encounter are missing.

    Image: Jill and her husband Doug Dunne in their wedding ceremony held on 18 October 2003

    On 18 October 2014, Jill uploaded a picture together with her husband to commemorate her 11th anniversary. She cited herself fortunate to be in the life of her husband in her Instagram post and also said that she never could ask for a better and more faithful husband, dad and friend other than her husband.

    Image: Jill wishing Trevor on his birthday

    After several years of marriage, the pair welcomed their first baby boy Trevor. While Trevor was Jill’s first kid, it was not the same in case of Dough, since, from his earlier marriage, he had a daughter called Kylie.

    Image: Jill’s son and stepdaughter

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    Jill shared her son’s image on his 14th birthday on Instagram on 4 May 2019 with a sweet caption. In the same way, she also often post a picture of her stepdaughter in her social media platform. As for 2014, Jill announced the news of her second pregnancy but, unfortunately, then, four weeks later, she disclosed that she faced with miscarriage. Despite the sad news, the family of four are living a very blissful life together.

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    Jill Bauer’s Past Relationship

    Was Jill in any kind of relationship before Bauer? What do you guys think? Well, Jill always focused on her career rather than getting involved in any kind of relationship before meeting her husband. Isn’t it cool to find love and get married to the same person? Jill lived her fairy tale love life as she never got cozy with any other guy than her husband.

    Jill graduated from the University of Southern California. After her graduation, Bauer solely focused on her career. She found love when she wasn’t even searching for one.

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