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    Gemma Collins is a famous English reality celebrity who is continuously in headlines because of some disagreement. Let us have a glimpse at some of her controversies which were the headlines of most of the entertainment magazines for days:

    Gemma Collins
    Gemma Collins

    1. In February 2018

    Gemma was in titles when she was seen partying her Valentine’s Day with her ex-boyfriend named Stephen Mortimer. Stephen is a jailbird. This was further controversial because Stephen was dating Nadia Essex but he went on a date with his ex. When Nadia came to grasp it, she was in amidst anger.

    According to the news,
    “Gemma is catching stuff gently with Stephen. She has excused him for troubling her and they are praying for a new start. They have a lot of joy collectively, a strong relationship, and she really fancies his company and he makes her laugh.

    2. In July 2017

    Gemma was in the headlines when she drafted a controversial caption on her social media handle, Instagram. She posted a picture of a cartoon where it was clearly stated, ‘Thigh gaps are for flamingos’ and her caption was


    ‘Flamingo Friday.’

    Her followers were angry when she inscribed such and they blamed her for body shaming and they responded,

    “I guess you need to recall before writing harmful comments, Gemma! I individually don’t have a gap between my legs but know a lot of personalities that do and by no selection of there own!! Because they were born that way and are naturally slim! Can you think if I put a comment whales belong in the sea, that would have really gone down like a fart in a space suit!”
    And there were further hate comments. To which she said,

    “Pmsl that make me chuckle.”

    3. In November 2017

    Gemma honored herself by announcing that she is the star legend on the program.

    4. In May 2017

    Gemma had used a great time holidaying on the beach. And she posted a holiday selfie on her social media handle where she was staring very tan. She was then blamed for being a very faulty character model to children as she has many supporters on her social media handle. One of her fans commented,

    “It WILL cause permanent, dangerous damage.”

    Gemma Collins
    Gemma Collins

    Freshly Gemma connected and compared herself with Mariah Carey on the show, Celebs Go Dating. And it is said that the crew of the show burst out laughing when she said that. She also said,

    “I mean, I was perfect. I was poised, I was charming, I was effortlessly fabulous, I was breathtaking – you name it. I pulled out all the charm on that night.”