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    The 36-year-old TV actor Jillian Mele has a mystery boyfriend. Yes, you heard it right. So, far the fans were just speculating about her relationship status but no one could guess that Mele was perfectly keeping it a secret from fans.

    Mele’s mysterious boyfriend hails from Boston, the USA and the duo look cute together in some of the photos Mele posted. So, without doing any delay let’s go through the article to gather more information.

    Who Is Jillian Mele’s Mysterious Partner? Know Her Relationship

    The news about Jillian’s Boyfriend broke like wildfire after she mentioned him in one of her tweets. Mele replied to one of her fans’ tweets and there she mentioned about her partner being from Boston.

    The 5 feet 6-inch tall journalist Mele has ruled the hearts of many men across the globe. But has this ravishing beauty managed to woo any one particular man? Well, that’s the question everyone is asking for and we can tell that she is secretly dating someone. But is she considering tying the knot with him?

    Well, we are not sure about that as she has not revealed anything about the marriage. Jillian Mele tweeted on May 26, 2016, about having a romantic man in her life. She did not disclose anything about the man except posting a picture on Facebook.

    Jillian Mele (left) with a mysterious man (right) at the Devil’s Bridge

    Mele posted a picture of her and her boyfriend on a romantic date on Devil’s Bridge on her Facebook account on March 15, 2016. Besides that, Jillian stays tight-lipped about her personal life even when the fans are begging for her to answer the query.

    Jillian Mele’s Dating History…

    This ravishing beauty might have dated a few men in her life. But once again, we hit a brick wall in exploring her dating history. Nothing can be found about who she dated, and only some news about the recent boyfriend is heard of.

    Jillian Mele (right) playing golf with her father, Thomas Mele (left)

    Going through her social media account, Jillian is not seen cozying up with any guy. Any men in her posts are mostly her friends, colleagues, and her father. Mele loves playing golf and often plays golf with her father, Thomas Mele.

    Is There Any Rumor Or Controversy About Jillian Mele?

    The Fox News Anchor Mele is rarely surrounded by any sort of rumors or controversies. Likewise, no tittle-tattle is heard about her romantic affair. She runs a show together with Rob Schmitt. Once faced some criticism.

    The Emmy-Award winning News Anchor Mele and her co-host interviewed the wrong person in one of the program. Jillian Mele interviewed Barbara L’Italien, a Democratic Massachusetts State Senator. Instead, they were supposed to interview Ann Kirkpatrick, a former Democratic U.S. representative.

    Reacting to that error, Jillian Mele tweeted,

    “What happened to me? I took a job that I wanted and love. How dare you criticize and judge someone else when what I do, has Zero impact on your life. That’s what’s sad.


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