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    The famous member of The Tenderloins, James Murray married the sister of fellow joker . Jenna Vulcano, Sal’s sister legally married James in 2014. Is this a Joke?

    These jokers have a long history of playing pranks on each other. So, what’s the deal? Is James still married to Sal’s Sister or Was that a prank like many other pranks in the show?

    James Murray Married Jenna Vulcano. Really!!!

    Yes, the famous Joker James married Sal’s sister Jenna Vulcano in 2014. However, the pair annulled their marriage immediately after. But Why? Well, fellas, it was a prank for Sal Vulcano.

    In the show Impractical Jokers, the losing joker gets a punishment which they have to accept regardless of anything. In one such episode, James gets back with Sal to give him the punishment of the century. Here is the clip of the episode where James marries Sal’s sister.


    James gave the news to the fans through his twitter account about the marriage. He wrote,

    “Oh, 2 more things. Yes, I legally married Sal’s Sister, no joke. And yes we annulled the marriage…after the honeymoon night! Revenge Rocks.”

    The punishment was planned for a long time. In an interview, James explained in details about how long they planned the punishment. He said,

    “The punishments are tailored specifically for the loser and they’ve gotten out of control. We’re now planning punishments months in advance. We did one to Sal…The past eight months we’ve been pranking him and he had no idea and he thought that something was real in his life that wasn’t real. We finally revealed two weeks ago that the past eight months, this thing that was going on in his life was all fake. He literally screamed out, “what’s real in my life?” I loved that, it’s great, and I got to marry his sister, that’s pretty damn good, too.”

    Jenna Vulcano (left) with newlywed husband James Murray (right)

    Ok, so that was the punishment guys, he is not married in real life. But does he have a girlfriend? Let’s find out.

    James Murray opens up about his Sexuality. Is he Gay?

    In an interview in 2016, James Murray admitted to being gay. Is this real? Cause you never know with these Jokers, they might be joking. But this news got pretty viral in the media among his fans. In 2016, when Sal opened up about him being gay in “Talk Show with Sally Jessy” Murray couldn’t wait to break the news.

    Sal Vulcano opened up about his sexuality and that inspired James to do the same. James said, “I’m Gay!”, bursting in a mixed reaction from the audience. But later, Sal said, he was not gay and just wanted to inspire James to come out of the closet.

    Is this real? Well, James said it from his mouth but we cannot find any hard evidence about this statement. So, we’re not quite sure about him being gay.

    What is his Current Relationship Status?

    To go off the news, James is currently single. He is enjoying his singlehood. James started dating someone. Recently, in the latest season of Impractical Jokers, Brian Quinn made fun of James by saying, “You just started dating and already you’re saying I love You.”

    So, this suggests that James is dating someone. Is the person a man or a woman? For now, there is no definitive answer to the question.