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    “I always wanted and I dream about having a life partner, but I am completely happy, and I love my freedom.” Sanna Lathan said this in an interview which suggests the actress is enjoying her singlehood.

    Lathan is admired by many men across the globe but Sanaa does not want to rush about her marriage. Even though Lathan is not thinking about her marriage, Sanaa has dated a few men in the showbiz. Let’s discover the men she’s dated and her family life.

    Did Sanaa Lathan choose anyone to be her Husband?

    Well, the list of men Sanaa Lathan dated is very long. It includes the likes of Denzel Washington, French Montana, Omar Epps, Boris Kodjoe, and many more. So, have Sanaa decided as to who is gonna spend the rest of her life with?

    Omar Epps (left) with Sanaa Lathan (right) attending a reunion of Love & Basketball

    As of now, No! the Now You See Me 2 actress is still in search of her soulmate. Sanaa is enjoying her singlehood but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get married. Talking to Essence, Lathan said,

    “I always wanted and I dream about having a life partner, but I am completely happy, and I love my freedom. I do date, but I do not want anything less than something that’s amazing.”

    She further added,

    “And if it’s not gonna be that, I’m just gonna keep being my free-spirit self. I was talking to a friend of mine who’s around my age, and there is a thing when people look at you, and they’re like, ‘So…’ as if you’re failing because you’re not married. I have so much love in my life. And maybe I will have a life partner. But I don’t know.”

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    Her List of Boyfriends…

    The super talented actress is loved by many around the world. Sanaa has always stayed in relationships so, there is a long list of her boyfriends. Some are true and some are just rumors. Now let’s find out more about it.

    The news about Lathan dating her 2003 Out of Time co-star Denzel Washington. This was just a rumor as both of them denied the relationship. Denzel is a happily married man now. Sanaa was then linked with Austrian actor Boris Kodjoe. Boris and Sanaa Lathan dated briefly in 1993.

    Denzel Washington (right) with Sanaa Lathan (left) in the movie Out of Time

    The pair then quickly moved on from each other and six years later, Sanaa found another guy she liked. Sanaa Lathan dated the award-winning rapper and songwriter Omar Epps. The couple was together from 1999 to 2002 as they ended their relationship and moved on.

    Any reason for the break up is not known. Omar is now married to Keisha Spivey. Besides men in the entertainment industry, Sanaa has also dated sports personality. From 2006-2008, Sanaa dated American footballer Terrell Owens and Adewale Ogunleye.

    Lathan got engaged to her next boyfriend though but she did not marry him. Sanaa dated Steve Rifkind from 2009 to 2011. She got engaged with him in February 2010 but after one year, their relationship lost its breath. After that, she was linked with The Fast and Furious sensation, Tyrese Gibson.

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    What’s her current Relationship Status?

    Most fans of her thought this time her relationship is real and she will tie the knot. The rumors were that Sanaa is dating Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend French Montana. Sanaa was spotted holding French chid and the paparazzi thought the couple is dating and soon get married.

    But unfortunately, it was nothing more than a rumor as both of them cleared the air in the media that they were not dating. Not just that, in 2016, Sanaa was linked with her best friend Regina Hall.

    Sanaa was quick to respond to the rumors and talked about their pure friendship and bonding. They are very good friends and are not dating. Lathan is thinking about starting a family but she is still looking for the right guy. According to her,

    “You know what? I’m whole already. I don’t need somebody to complete me. So if there is that person who is a partner out there, then bring it on. But I’m not gonna be with somebody for the sake of what it looks like.”


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