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    The news about  Zayn Malik leaving the boy band One direction went viral. His fans were in shock. They thought their eyes and ears might have probably stopped working. They could not trust what they are seeing and what they are listening. But the matter here was real. His fans, however, had to accept this sad fact.

    First of all, why are his fans crazy for him? Who is he actually? Well, the answer will be available on every music lovers. Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik (born 12 January 1993) is a young English singer. He is also a solo artist and was in the boy band One Direction until March 2015.

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    Without any delay, now is the exact time to move towards the main topic. According to reports, there has been a total of six suicides since the day Zayn Malik declared he was withdrawing popular boy band One Direction. Authorities have also reported that they were all females within the age limit of 11-15. Zayn Malik’s departure created a lot of shock to One Direction fans and also nonfans. The bulk of whom is 12-20-year-old females. This is really tragic how a fan can go crazy like this that one can betrayal his own body.

    Zayn Malik
    Zayn Malik

    It has been proved that Zayn has a deep impact on his fans through his singing talent and plus charming looks. His fans can do anything for him even they can kill themselves for him.

    There came a report that A girl named “Kristina” was found dead in her room in Mandaluyong City Philippines, Kristina is an enthusiastic fan of One Direction and her most favorite part of the band is Zayn Malik. If she is upset then she watches Zayn songs to make her mood cheerful. She did not miss to watch every concert that is available only for Zayn. But Kristina’s mood altered when she discovered the report that Zayn is deciding to leave One Direction and started crying inside her room. She did not even leave her room for some days. Her parents tried to comfort her but the crazy fan was not in the mood to listen even to her parents.

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    Then the shocking incident took place. Her parents found that Kristina is not leaving her room for several days. then her parents tried to find what was actually happened to her. They asked her to open the door but no sound was heard from inside. They continue to ask to open the door but no reply came from inside. Her parents then started to worry about her. After 12 hours of trying to call Kristina, they commenced to suffer and forcefully cracked the door and they found the dead body of their daughter. According to the authorities, Kristina harmed herself and didn’t leave any letters.

    The parents of Kristina informed the other parents to comfort their daughters and son who is attacked by the news of Zayn’s quitting in One Direction to bypass this to happen again. This is true. Every fan should love their artist but not in that way that they should give their life to him/her. This is so embarrassing.


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