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    If you’re in mystery, paranormal, and other fascinating facts or legends, you have surely come across the name Josh Gates. He gained his fame by exploring the paranormal worldwide, showcasing “Destination Truth” in the reality series. He also co-hosted with his spouse, Hallie Gnatovich.

    So, are you familiar with his wife? If not, then get the chance to know her from closer proximity. As today we have brought ou the details about their marital status, children, and family. Stay tuned to us until the end.

    Who is Josh Gates’ Wife?

    As we all know by now that josh wife is Hallie. Although we have no doubt that Hallie is still likely to give her husband her study skills for his show, yet she is no longer in the entertainment company. Hallie is a certified therapist in LA these days, where she specializes in mothers and experts from the entertainment industry.

    Josh Gates'
    Image: Josh Gates’ with his wife

    Hallie rarely shares any pictures of her personal lives on social media. Isn’t it a typical therapist way? However, she takes time to post useful tips and tricks about marriage, kids, and advice on relationships.

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    Josh Gates & Hallie Gnatovich Married Life

    Well, since everyone is so in love with Josh, it’s natural for the audience to wonder about the archeologist’s married or dating life. Or to be more precise, since we learned he married back in 2013, individuals are wondering whether that marriage lasted or whether the self-described “adventurist/explorer/ TV man” is back on the market.

    Sad news for someone who is holding onto Josh, but this native of Boston is very, very much taken. He and his wife Hallie Gnatovich is together for more than six years. The two first met while making Destination Truth, a Syfy shows.

    Josh Gates & Hallie Gnatovich Married
    Image: Josh Gates & Hallie Gnatovich with their son

    Josh hosted the show, and Hallie worked as a researcher. After working quite a while together, the duo hit it off and started to date eventually. They even share two children together. Thir two kids areĀ Owen who was born in February 2016, and Isla, born just last spring. During the Christopher Columbus special, when Josh found out he was going to be a dad for the first time, we even had a brief chance to watch tender moments of their life.

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    Josh Gates In an Extra Marital Affair?

    Only Josh and Erin knows the kind of relationship they share, but it doesn’t really seem they are having any kind of relationship. In four Destination Truth seasons, Erin Ryder is a TV producer, and host appeared on Chasing UFOs and Myth Explorer, as well as opposite Josh Gates. They are just a co-star who works together.

    Fans who enjoyed their chemistry so much on-screen have spread rumors that the two are an item since they began working together in 2010, but there is nothing to substantiate that statement. Hopefully, Josh’s rock-solid marriage to Hallie and their two adorable kids will be enough to put an end to that gossip mill.


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