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    Today we are getting the inside lifestyle of popular American political figure. The couple has tried hard to keep their persoanl life at bay however, the internet is going wild with the question of their persoanl life. The couple is none other than Kathleen Manafort & Paul Manafort. Kathleen is the wife of Donald Trump‘s embattled and now-indicated former campaign chairperson, Paul Manafort.

    Although she has maintained a quiet profile over the years, as disputes over Paul Manafort rose, Kathleen Manafort has already seen her 40-year marriage become the subject of tabloid scrutiny. If you want to know the detailed information about the couple, we suggest you read the entire article.

    Know about Kathleen Manafort & Paul Manafort Married Life

    Kathleen and Paul Manafort are married for over 40 years. The pair tied a nuptial knot in 1978 in the presence of their close friends and family. Ever since the marriage, the couple seems to have a very strong bond with each other.

    Kathleen Manafort & Paul Manafort
    Image: Kathleen Manafort & Paul Manafort heading for the program


    The couple shares two daughters together named Jessica Manafort and Andrea Manafort. There are no details about how and when Mr. and Mrs. Manafort met each other and fell in love. They could possibly a college sweetheart.

    Kathleen Manafort & Paul Manafort Started having Marriage Problem?

    Despite the fact that their marriage has fodder for the tabloids now due to the case going on against Paul Manafort. Kathleen and Paul’s relationship is also one of the most strong and loving bonds of the era. In the not-so-distant past, their daughter’s phone also was hacked.

    The son-in-law of Paul and Manafort, Jeffrey Yohai, 35, have come under alot of scrutiny from the investigating organizations and the media. The FBI also raided their luxurious homes as part of their continuing probe.

    Kathleen was a very private person in real life until the case related to her husband. She’s still, but now the case has placed her at the forefront. The National Enquirer indicated that Paul Manafort might have an extra-marital affair, and therefore, her private relationship with her husband came into the paparazzi’s eyes as well.

    Kathleen Manafort & Paul Manafort
    Image: Kathleen Manafort & Paul Manafort together in an event

    The reason for such accusations was due to Donald Trump’s proximity to National Enquirer’s CEO, David Pecker. Even though many media pesonal and media are targetting over their personal indifferences, the couple is not heading for divorce anytime soon. The couple wants to work on their personal problems and move on to which they are now living a very much of a drama-free life.