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    After the move of David Beckham in the MLS, lots of people started taking notice of US Soccer.¬† Kelley O’Hara is an American soccer player and after reaching the world cup final currently, her relationship status is quite a search. She is a family person and spends lots of time with them. So, Is she Married? Who is her boyfriend?

    That is the question every fan of Kelley O’Hara is seeking the answer for. Kelley definitely was in a relationship with her childhood love. What happened to that? Did she break up? Don’t worry guys as we’re gonna answer the question relating to her relationship status.

    Relationship with Adam Sweat

    The U.S. Soccer superstar, Kelley is tight-lipped about her relationship. Looking at her recent posts on Instagram, many of us came into the conclusion that she is single. But wait, is she not dating anyone?

    Kelley started dating a guy named Adam Sweat from her schooling days. Adam Sweat is currently working as a senior communications specialist at the Georgia State Capitol. The couple stayed together through thick and thin and are very much into each other.

    Adam Sweat (left) with her girlfriend Kelley O’Hara (right)

    According to Kelley, her boyfriend Adam always supported her passion and what she loved to do. The soccer star is not married yet but is definitely in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend.

    Current Relationship Status

    The beautiful Kelley posted a lot of pictures of Adam Sweat in her social media but Adam sort of disappeared from her social media from 2008. This definitely sparked a lot of rumors about her relationship status.

    Kelley O’Hara and Adam Sweat might be dating but are in a long term relationship. We can totally understand that if that is the case as Kelley has to travel a lot with her team for various tournaments. Or the pair is not together anymore.

    Kelley O’Hara (right) with her boyfriend Adam Sweat (left)

    If that’s the case, then Kelley is currently single as she has not updated anything regarding her current relationship status.

    Rumors or Affairs

    From childhood, Kelley was together with Adam and apart from him, O’Hara has not dated any men. As we said, before, Kelley stays away from any rumors and keeps her personal life away from media attention.

    She appeared in the show The Bachelor together with Alex Morgan but even in the show, Kelley did not let pass any rumor about her. Kelley talked about Alex’s romance and her sister’s married life but kept her personal life very private.

     Family and Friends

    Currently, Kelley is a part of the US team that reached the FIFA Women World Cup 2019. The team will play against Netherland on July 7, 2019. When Kelley is not busy in her soccer matches and training, she hangs out with her family.

    Kelley is a family-centric person and enjoys her time with her family. In most of her photos, Kelley enjoys her free time with her siblings. Her family is very important to her. Not just that, her friends are also a very integral part of her life. Kelley loves to watch the game too and is a huge fan of Lionel Messi.

    Kelley O’Hara (right) with her mom, father, and sister at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

    She is mostly friends with her teammates from the US National Soccer team. The 30-year-old is best friends with soccer star Alex Morgan and also featured with her in the show as mentioned above. With the team reaching the world cup final, many of the soccer fans are eager to know more about the player’s relationship.

    Kelley’s teammate Megan Rapinoe is in a relationship with Sue Bird who plays on the Seattle Storm. Additionally, O’Hara’s other teammates like Julie Ertz, Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris, Carli Lloyd, Tierna Davidson, and Adrianna Franch are all in a relationship.

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    In conclusion, Kelley O’Hara’s relationship is not quite open like most of her teammates and as long as she does not talk about it, it is difficult to find out more.