Quick Facts of Clifford Ian Simpson

  • Full NameClifford Ian Simpson
  • Net Worth1.5 million
  • Date of Birth16 July, 1996
  • NicknameKevin Abstract
  • Marital Status Single
  • BirthplaceCorpus Christi, Texas
  • Ethnicity African-American
  • Religion Christianity
  • ProfessionRapper
  • Nationality American
  • Active Year2014-Present
  • Eye colour Dark Brown
  • Hair colour Black
  • Height170
  • Weight70
  • EducationWoodland High School
  • Online PresenceTwitter, Instagram

In the late 21st century, many people hesitated to be open about them being gay, but this American Rapper is different among all. Today we are about to look at the life of African-American Rapper Clifford Ian Simpson who is known to the public by his stage name Kevin Abstract.

Kevin Abstract is an American rapper, songwriter, and director and member of Brockhampton, an American oy Band formed in texas in 2015, which is currently based in California. Abstract entered into the music industry with his debut album MTV1987, which was released in 2014.  He got into the public eye from his blogs and magazine about music.

Difficult Childhood

Kevin was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the family of four members. He was the only son in the family but sadly never lived with his family. By the time 15 years old boy could not live with his mother and flee from his home. Abstract never knew his father and didn’t have good terms with his mother too. After leaving home, he lived at a friend’s house for a year before moving to his older sister.

Kevin uploaded his childhood picture on his Instagram account
Kevin uploaded his childhood picture on his Instagram account Source: [email protected]

Kevin also had a difficult time during his school days, like the other African-American kids. Eventually, he got into music from an early age of 11 and started to make videos of rapping on YouTube and uploading them on Myspace. In his school days, he felt like an outcast among 3000 students and took the help of music to calm his nerves.  Later, he moved to Texas and met a crew of like-minded music lovers.

Sexual Orientation – Gay

Kevin, from his early childhood, felt different when it came to his sexuality. The Rapper knew he was not normal, like other kids from his surroundings but never felt easy to express what he felt. The 20-year-old rapper was afraid to accept the fact but courageously told his friend about it, which he felt easy then to accept the truth.

Kevin officially announced him being gay in 2016.
Kevin officially announced him being gay in 2016. Source: [email protected]

But when he grew up, he could not hold back and told everyone about him being gay.  His songs also include expression about his sexuality. He is also a first Gay rapper who openly admitted to the public about his feeling through his twitter account.

Who is Kevin Abstract Boyfriend?

Kevin Abstract is in a relationship with a guy named Jaden Walker since 2016. The gay couple is close to each other and doesn’t hesitate to express their love through social. They made their relationship public in 2017 via Kevin’s Instagram Account.

Kevin and Jaden expressing their love
Kevin and Jaden expressing their love. Source: Tumblr

Kevin also mentioned in one of his posts and called his boyfriend the best human being he ever met. Brockhampton rapper twitted about how they made love in the car in his Jan 2018 Twitter Post. At one time, the rumor was that the couple had broken up, but Kevin denied it saying they have no plan to end the relationship and are happy with each other.

Kevin’s Musical Career

Kevin started his career with the first album MTV1987 and released the first single from the album entitled “Save,” followed by a second song “Drugs‘ in 2014. He also made videos of songs from the album with the money funded by fans through Kickstarter campaign.

Kevin candid picture with his dreadlocks
Kevin candid picture with his dreadlocks. Source: [email protected]

Later, In 2015, Kevin informed his fans about the second album entitled “Death of a supermodel” however, it was discarded and started working on the different album “The shoot Horses”. In the same year in November, he released the first song from the album “Echo” along with music video. Kevin had already gained popularity among the people and often interacted with his fans via Twitter, where he spent time with them chatting, watching movies.

Kevin with classic looks.
Kevin with classic looks. Source: [email protected]

In 2016 March, Kevin went on a tour with an alternative band in England doing shows in cities like Portsmouth, Birmingham, Manchester, and London. During his tour, he announced his next single title, “Empty”.  At the end of June, he also announced the title of his next album, American Boyfriend: A suburban Love story, and assured fans to release it at the end of the year.

Brockhampton and Kevin Abstract

Kevin met a group of talented people on the internet through a Forum which they called KanyeToThe Forum or KTT. They initially called themselves “Alive since Forever” but rebranded themselves as Brockampton, which is a self-proclaimed All American band. They release their first album together entitled American trash in 2016, followed by two albums saturation 1, saturation 2, and saturation 3 consecutively in the same year in December.

Kevin group members posing altogether. Source: [email protected]

The group consists of  12 members where Kevin is a leader, and all of the members are quite close to each other. The Bronchampton group lives with a motto “Pure honesty and creativity 110%“. They live together in a Spanish style home turned apartment which has a kitchen, a full bath, one mirror and a microwave which doesn’t work.

Kevin staring at camera while everyone are laughing
Kevin staring at the camera while everyone is laughing Source: [email protected]

In the year 2018, the group released their album American Boyfriend, an emo-pop melody on the standout track where he also spoke about him being gay. He writes his own lyrics, which are based on the event that happened in his life and wants the generation of people to know about how he feels. Eventually, the album got hit and broke him out into the mainstream from being an “Internet Rapper” As of 2019, he released his new album Big wheels on April 9.

How much is Kevins Net worth?

Kevin has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, which he accumulated from his career as a rapper, which is quite less than other prominent rappers’ wealth, such as Nathan John Feuerstein aka NF and Chance the Rapper. This gay artist had nothing when he started but currently is a self-made millionaire.

Kevin posing infront of his Vehicle
Kevin posing in front of Vehicle Source: [email protected]

Once, he had also raised $3 thousand from his fans to make his first album. So far, he is still making a good amount of money from his tours and concerts after the release of his albums.


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