Quick Facts of Kristina Sunshine Jung

  • Full NameKristina Sunshine Jung
  • Net Worth$400,000
  • Date of Birth01 August, 1978
  • NicknameKristina
  • Marital Status Married
  • BirthplaceThe USA
  • Ethnicity White
  • Religion Christianity
  • ProfessionWriter, Poetess
  • Nationality American
  • Active Year2001-Present
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Blonde
  • BuildMesomorph
  • SpouseRomain Karan
  • Height5ft 5inches
  • Body MeasurementSlim
  • Children1

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of one of the world’s most infamous drug peddler, George Jung.  She held a strong bond with her father and hence people are very much interested in her life. Besides, her father George Jung is America’s most notorious drug cartel who controlled about 85% of drugs entered America in the 1970s and 1980s.

She might have seen her father for a short time when Kristina was just a child since her father was a regular caller in the American Prisons. Whereas Kristina also appeared briefly in the movie The Blow which acted about her father as a drug trafficker. The movie depicts her father’s role for a most wanted drug trafficker in the USA and his times in prison, and she played the role of the daughter of a drug baron.

Let’s dig deep into the article to know more about Kristina’s bio, wiki, net worth, and personal life.

Who is Kristina Sunshine Jung?

Kristina Sunshine Jung was born on 1 August 1978 in the USA. Her father was the notorious drug dealer George Jung and her mother Mirtha Jung was a drug addict herself. Kristina had a troubled and difficult childhood. Her father was in and out of the jail for his varied crimes and his mother too was careless of the care of Kristina.

When Kristina was little and around 3 years of age, her parents separated. Her grandparents Fredrick Jung and Ermine Jung played an important role in her childhood and used to send her gifts and clothes.

They also used to raise her after schools holidays when both her parents were behind bars. When her grandfather died, Kristina’s aunt Marie Jung took care of her until Kristina accomplished the age of 18. Although, there aren’t many details about her education and past activities.

Early Life of Kristina Sunshine Jung; How Tall is she?

A height of 5ft 9inches, Kristina Sunshine Jung’s childhood was difficult having born to parents involved in drugs; abuse and smuggling. Her father, George had beforehand spent jail time for a number of times. Even after her birth, he remained drug smuggling and didn’t get out of trouble.

As for Mirtha, she was a drug addict. She even spent Jail time after her birth. She only quit using drugs in 1981 when Kristina was around 3 years of age. In 1984 Kristina faced her parent’s divorce. We can assume she didn’t have a normal childhood as she lived separated from her father. Truly, she didn’t get a chance to know him or love him.

Her grandparents; Frederick Jung and Ermine Jung, gave an immense contribution to her childhood. They looked after her when Mirtha and George both got busted. They always gave her a huge box full of clothes and toys every season, holiday, birthday, new school year, etc. It stopped when her grandfather, Fredrick died.

Later her grandaunt Marie Jung(as asked by grandparents) took the responsibility of her until Mirtha got 18. As a result, Mirtha gives immense love for her grandparents and auntie evident on her Instagram profile. She has experienced about attending high school, however, there is no available information on her education.

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Inside of Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Career

Kristina’s life came into the limelight when a film has made on the life of her father George Jung, Blow and it released in 2001. It shows the life of the narcotic dealer and his relationship with his daughter.

The movie made by Johnny Depp was directed by the late Ted Demme. The film finishes on a sad note when the drug dealer states that the best thing in his life was his daughter and that he was sad that he could not spend more time with her.

Currently, Kristina Jung devotes most of her time working in her business that she established with her father soon after George got released from prison. It is a cloth line business that deals with clothing branding. She oversees the sells and is the overall manager of the business brand BG Apparel and Merchandise.

How Much is Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Net Worth?

It has said that the father-daughter duo begun a clothing line business called BG Apparel and Merchandise. Kristina sees the overall business and is especially overseeing sales. Her net worth estimated to be around $400,000 as of 2019.

Although she still has to gain this self-proclaimed writer and poet from her published books, she has managed to collect a good quantity of cash from her clothing brand that she co-owns with her father. As per sources, her father George Jung’s daily earnings of smuggling empire was $15 Million back in the 1970s.

At the present moment, he is engaged in clean business. Yet, Jung hasn’t revealed the details about the house she owns and cars she rides. She must be living a rich and lavish lifestyle from the net worth maintained by her father.

Is Kristina Sunshine Jung Married? Know about his Past Affairs

Talking about her personal life, Kristina reported that she is married and has children. Her husband’s name is stated to be Romain Karan. It isn’t known whether the couple were together or divorced; information about her husband also not known.

Furthermore, the couple is blessed with children. Moreover, we cannot confirm whether they are still together, they had children besides one of them a daughter named Athena Romina Karan and other children are still a mystery to the media.

Kristina Jung’s parents divorced when she was just three years old. Her life is marked by misfortunes as her parents divorced when she was just a child. As a result, Kristina didn’t receive the parental love and guidance that was required at her age.

Her paternal parents played a very active role in the growth of Kristina. In most cases, when both her parents were arrested or being hunted by the police, she used to receive gifts and holiday reservations from her grandparents. In that case, she grew up in constant connection to her grandparents, and she has often described as being in love with them.


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