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    The year 2017 saw Margo Rey and Ron White fight over their divorce settlement. Though Margo filed for the divorce from her husband, Ron says he never married her.

    What’s the buzz? You can file for the divorce after the marriage, right? Well, Ron White denies the couple got married and says the whole wedding was a mock thing. Let’s try to find out the real truth behind their married life and relationships.

    Margo Rey Married Life with Ron White

    The 62-year-old comedian married Margo Rey in 2013 as per the Common Law Marriage in Texas. Margo is a Grammy-Award winning singer like Buju Banton and Marc Anthony. As per Rey, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Texas in 2013.

    Ron White (right) with his wife Margo Rey (left) before the divorce

    The pair are living together since then and even after moving to California. But Ron White denies acknowledging the fact that Common Law Marriage makes them husband and wife. The duo does not share any children together.

    Margo Rey and Ron White; The whole Divorce Drama…

    As per TMZ, Ron says, he has not signed the prenup, therefore, he is not responsible to pay Rey any divorce settlement money. In fact, White made an agreement with Rey that, they will not exchange wedding vows until Margo signs Premarital agreement.

    Ron White further added, that, Margo and Ron never came to good terms because of Margo unnecessary demands of the money. In 2013, the couple performed the mock wedding which is not a real thing.

    Margo Rey (right) and Ron White (left) in the Divorce Drama

    The Pair, however, separated in 2017 and as per TMZ, White has left Margo in a broke. According to Margo Rey, Ron left her high and dry and she further wants an amount of $18,000 a month in spousal support.

    Margo Rey Current Relationship Status

    After the Divorce, the Grammy-Award Winning singer is focused on her singing career. She is not seen with any other men as of now, so we can assume Rey is currently single. In the past as well, there are no reports of Margo’s relationships and affairs.

    Margo might’ve dated a few men in the past but until Rey talks about that, there is no means of finding who she dated in the past. Did you know? The 52-year-old Mexican singer is a cancer survivor. She suffered from metastatic breast cancer but the lady fought her way back to life.

    Margo Rey shaving her head in the Chemotherapy for her Cancer

    Currently, the singer is busy with her Philanthropy works as she helps Noreen Fraser Foundation to raise funds. For the research on women’s cancer, Margo performed at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

    Ron White’s Past Relationship

    Before Margo Rey, Ron married two times and from one of the marital relationship, White has one child. Ron married Lori Brice in 1981 but the couple lasted for only 12-years of a marital relationship.

    Lori and White divorced in 1993 and after eleven years, he found love again in Barbara Dobbs. He married Dobbs in 2004 but separated in 2008 after four years of marriage.

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