Quick Facts of Melissa Whitelaw

Melissa Whitelaw is a famous internet sensation and social media personality who initially gained fame as the rumored girlfriend of Niall Horan, One Direction heartthrob. Whitelaw also runs a Tumblr blog under the name Edge of My Desire.

Melissa Whitelaw’s Bio:

Whitelaw first appeared on Earth on 1993 June 7 in Sydney, Australia. She has reached the age of 24 years. The beautiful Melissa has an Australian nationality and she belongs to the white ethical background. Whitelaw was born under the astrological sign, Gemini. There are no details on her family and academic degrees.

Moreover, Whitelaw started her professional career as a Tumblr based model. She runs a Tumblr blog under the name Edge of My Desire. Apart from Tumblr, she is an active user of Instagram. In her Instagram account, she has achieved more than 190K followers.

Apart from it, there are no further details of her professional life. She has not received any awards for her achievement in other fields is not known. Melissa has light brown hair and dark brown eyes colors and she stands the height of 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Is Melissa Whitelaw a Lesbian?

Melissa Whitelaw is often questioned for being a lesbian. However, all the rumors concerning her to be lesbian is false. She is a straight lady and is in a happy relationship with Joshua Roberts. The duo met back in 2013 and started dating on February 28, 2013. Since then, the couple has become inseparable.

Looking at their Instagram pictures, the love between the two seems to be very pure and heart touching. Moreover, they have also become relationship goals for many starter couples out there. As you can see above, they recently celebrated their sixth anniversary together. Looks like they are going to add more years to their relationship.

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The past few days have been a little bit tricky, long story short I received some not so great news about my health, it felt like I’d received bad news for hundredth time in the past few years.. nothing too scary or major but yet another hurdle I have to jump over. Living with anxiety and depression is so hard to articulate but often it can only take one small incident to make you feel as though your entire world is crashing down around you. One wrong turn and your whole mood, your whole outlook can flip instantly… the scariest part is that it is completely out of your control. The thing that I have found is that people’s reaction to someone struggling is always “you’re tough, you’ll be fine” or “stay strong, keep it together” and these comments always come from a place of love I’m sure. My reason for this rant is that I want to let anyone going through a tough time know that yes, you are tough but you’re also hurting and fragile and weak and you are allowed to be. You are allowed to not be okay, you are allowed to not even know why you’re not okay, you’re allowed to feel your sadness, to feel your fear, to feel defeated. You’re entitled to feel let down, disappointed by someone, you don’t have to justify your feelings because they are YOUR feelings. I am doing so so well and am so grateful for the people in my life but just want to remind you to let yourself feel, let yourself cry, you are only human and life is f*cking hard and scary and unpredictable. You are not a failure for falling apart because everybody does at some point, to some extent. We can never fully understand what someone else is going through inside their own head, sometimes even the happiest and most outgoing people are the ones struggling the most. We all have our struggles.. it’s so important to be kind to everyone you meet, to lean on each other. These struggles have a huge role to play in who we become but they do not define us. We cannot let them define us. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to really become aware of what you are made of, what you (cont)

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Furthermore, if this love continues, we can assure you that it won’t be long when they finally announce their wedding day. Soon they will be known as husband and wife.

Melissa Whitelaw: Rumors and Controversy

Being a Social media sensation, Melissa has managed to keep her personal and professional life private. She has managed to escape herself from any sorts of Rumors and Controversy till the present date.

Melissa Whitelaw: Salary & Net Worth

Being a Social Media star, Melissa Whitelaw earns a handful of salary. There is no information available regarding her salary and net worth.

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