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    Short Description of Rachel Dolezal

    Civil Right Activist, Rachel was born on 12th November 1977 Lincoln County, Montana, United States. She was the president of NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) for a year. She is former African Studies Instructor. She was education director at Human Rights Education Institute. She had worked as the hairdresser in July 2015. She was born white, but the people identifies her as black.

    Quick Facts of Dolezal

    Full Name Rachel Dolezal
    Date of birth 12th November 1977 
    Age 39 years 
    Nickname Rachel Moore 
    Marital Status Divorced
    Birthplace Lincoln County, Montana, United States
    Ethnicity White
    Religion Cultish
    Profession Human Right Activist, Instructor 
    Active Year 200-Present
    Eye color Hazel
    Hair color Light Brown
    Build Average
    Nationality American
    Father Lawrence Dolezel 
    Mother Ruthanne Dolezal 
    Siblings Ezra, Esther, Izaiah, Zach, Joshua Dolezeal 
    Spouse Kevin Moore
    Height approx. 169cm
    Weight approx. 70Kg
    Education Howard University
    Online Presence Twitter, Facebook, Instagram  
    Net Worth $100,000

     Early Life And Education

    Looking back to her early life, Rachel Dolezal was born white from Father Lawrence Dolezel and mother Ruthanne Dolezal as Czech, German, and Swedish Origin. Her family used to hunt for food with bow and arrow. Her parents denied her claims for staying in South Africa in her early life. She has joined Christian Liberty Academy and went to Belhaven University for her Bachelor degree. Then she went to complete her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Howard University.


    Dolezal was criticized in many places for her dark skin, but she used her dark skin for her strong career. She helped black people to protect their rights. Dolezal fought for the rights of various black skin Americans and protected them. She worked as Education Director for the Human Rights Education Institute. She worked as Instructor from 2005 to 2013 at North Idaho College.

    In 2014, She was elected the President of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. She has worked as an art teacher in April 2007. She was the freelance writer for the Newspaper “The Inlander.” She also had published a book “In Full Color: Finding My Place In a Black and White World” that subjects to racial identity.

    Personal Life

    Looking back to her personal life, She was married to an African-American man Kevin Moore in 2000 but was divorced (accused of having a relationship with her sons) in 2004. She said she had suffered from Cervical Cancer in 2006 and had recovered from it by 2008. She gave birth to two children, Franklin Moore and Langston Attickus Dolezel.


    Born with black skin and curly hair, she has Hazel Eyes with light brown hair. She is approximately 169cm and weighs 70 Kg. She didn’t care about her fitness and increased her body size. She is socially active on facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

    Net Worth

    Dolezal’s net worth is unknown. but estimated at $100,000. 


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