Quick Facts of Randall Pich

Randall Pich is an American entrepreneur and CEO of Live Fit. Apparel LLC. It is a lifestyle brand and has heavy influences from Skateboarding, Surfing, and Fitness to BodyBuilding. Pich is the owner of it and he has Alex Zerega as the Designer and spokeswoman.

Pich is also a personal trainer as well as a graphic designer. With his career as a graphic designer working for a lot of companies, he came up with the idea of launching a lifestyle brand. To know more about his earnings, career and personal life, keep scrolling.

Childhood of Randall Pich

Randall Pich was born on 7th February 1988, in Long Beach, California, USA. He is 31 years old as of 2019. His sun sign is Aquarius. Pich grew up in Long Beach with his family. Randall’s parents came to the USA as refugees so he has both Asian and American origins. Pich involved in playing various musical instruments and joined a band.

The image of Randall Pich
The image of Randall Pich

Randall completed his high school from Wilson High School in 2007 but dropped out from college before completing his Business Degree. He had six credits left to complete his degree.

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Professional Life

In his childhood, his parents faced different difficulties as they were immigrants. His parents provided everything they could in order to give Pich a better childhood. Before starting his multi-million dollar business, Randall worked for a lot of companies as a Graphic Designer and also as a personal trainer.

When Pich designed items for the fans to collect money for the band he was in, it worked. The fans loved the design and it gave him an idea to open his own clothing brand. Pich studied in college when in the fear of missing out on the opportunity of clothing business he quit his studies.

Pich’s parents and his fitness clients asked him to finish his studies but he already decided to drop. During his college days, Pich worked as a personal trainer and also opened a T-Shirt store with his friend Bruce.

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Randall did three different jobs when he was in college so he did not face the financial problem. After that, he started combining his hobby and his skills and decided to design clothes for skateboarders and other local brands.

Skateboarders, Surfers, and Bodybuilders all of them were his clients and they started promoting his products. According to him, his tough childhood made him a workaholic and he tried twice as hard than others.

Live Fit Journey

While in college Randall Pich studied the logistics of personal training and that was the standpoint for his new company. Pich opened a clothing brand called Live Fit where he designed clothes for his clients. He worked perfectly which suggest the list of people waiting for his time at the gym.

Pich uses social media especially Instagram to promote his brand. Randall named his personal fitness business as RP Fitness and promoted the brand with videos and photos on Instagram. People started following him and started buying Live Fit clothes.

Moreover, Randall started his Youtube channel and posted videos of fitness and bodybuilding. Pich and his friend initially worked in a warehouse taking care of all the orders. Later, a girl started working with him, she looked after logistics which helped the business grew and Pich started to hire more people.

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Girlfriend – Sara Ann

Randall Pich got inspired by Nipsey Hussle, a hip hop star and a successful businessman. Both come from a similar neighborhood and are now successful too. Randall brags about his Black Lamborghini and his lifestyle with some motivational quotes on it.

Currently, Pich is in a relationship with Sara Ann, who is also involved in the fitness community. The couple began dating in October 2018. Pich often shares adorable pictures with his girlfriend on Instagram.

Randall Pich with his girlfriend, Sara Ann
Randall Pich with his girlfriend, Sara Ann Image Source: @randall_pich

On 9th April 2019, Pich shared a picture with his girlfriend on Instagram mentioning about their seven-month relationship. The couple is happily enjoying their love life. So far, neither Pich nor his girlfriend has mentioned any plans of getting engaged or married.

Sources of Income

Randall Pich’s net worth is around $18 million as of 2019. He makes this fortune from his Business RP Fitness and Live Fit clothing brand. Pich worked and established a multi-million dollar business before he was 25 years old.

Pich is still going strong in his business and is yet to make more. Moreover, he has 314,000 followers on his Instagram account As per the reports, the Instagram account with more than 100,000 followers earns about $700-$900 per post.

Thus, Randall earns about $693,700-$891,900 from his Instagram account. Moreover, he earns money from his Youtube account as well. According to SocialBlade, Pich makes around $5,500 yearly from his Youtube.

Apart from that, Pich owns a house in Long Beach, California and has a Lamborghini which cost around $220,000 in MSRP.


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