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    The first lady of Barstool nation, Renee Portnoy married life with David Portnoy is quite confusing for many fans. David the founder of Barstool sports announced via social media that the couple is no longer together. But Renee still goes by the surname Portnoy rather than by her family name Satherthwaite.

    Though the boss of Barstool sports announced that he and his wife separated in 2017, the couple still has a good relationship. The Portnoy couple still lives in a luxurious yet exotic house in Nantucket. What is the truth? Are they back together? Let’s try to answer that in the article below.

    Renee Portnoy Married Life with David Portnoy

    Satherthwaite walked down the aisle with her father to exchange wedding vows with the founder of Barstool Sports, David. The couple might’ve dated for a while before tying the knot but nothing of that sort is disclosed. David married the love of his life in 2009 in a private affair.

    David Portnoy (left) with his wife Renee Portnoy (right)

    Portnoy has accomplished a lot with his sports site and blogging but very little is known about his partner. Well, she supports her partner in his work and not just that, Portnoy is also an equine buyer at Smart Pak. The couple is perfect for each other and they look very happy together as well.

    The Divorce…

    In 2016, David cozyied up with a woman but the woman was not Renee. This created a stir among the fans and also a lot of speculation about his marital relationship. After some time, in 2017, David wrote in his blog that he and his wife are no longer together.

    Despite the announcement via social media, Renee and David are still on good terms. In a blog post, we can know that he cheated on her with a woman named Jordyn Hamilton. After announcing his separation from his wife, Portnoy defended his then-girlfriend Jordyn.

    Jordyn Hamilton ex-girlfriend of David Portnoy

    This did not last long either as David writes in his blog again but this time slamming Hamilton. As per David, she cheated on him with her Soulcycle instructor and went on to rant about her. Even though, the boss of Barstool Sports announced his separation from his wife, Renee has still not dropped his surname.

    There is still some confusion regarding the divorce. We don’t know whether the couple is in the middle of a divorce settlement or they are now back together and dropped divorce charges. Not just that, in 2018, David’s employee Kevin Clancy faced a cheating allegation from his pregnant wife Caitlin Nugent Clancy.

    David Portnoy Million dollar House in Nantucket

    The couple is not ready to be parents yet as they do not have any children. David and his wife, live in a million-dollar house in Nantucket, Massachusetts. It is a lavish house which has four bedrooms, a ground pool, a stone patio, a small deck, and a few healthy blue hydrangea bushes.

    David Portnoy million-dollar house in Nantucket, Massachusetts

    Besides that, Dave also purchased a $2 million house in 2015 which looks absolutely extravagant. Until the official announcement regarding the couple divorce is announced we can assume the pair are still living in a blissful relationship.

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