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    Simone Alexandra Johnson is the daughter of the world’s megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She must be living the life of her dreams and enjoy all the perks she is getting. Simone comes from famous stars’ family and the media is sure to follow her around.

    Not just being the daughter of “The Rock”, Simone is also very ravishing and any guy who she chooses to be with is one in a million. But who is she dating? Does she even have a boyfriend?

    Let’s Take A Glimpse On Simone Alexandra Johnson’s Romantic Life

    Simone is the daughter of Dwayne Johnson and his first wife Dany Garcia. She is currently 18-years-old, just the legal age to fool around. But so far, there are no reports of Simone’s boyfriend.

    Simone Alexandra Johnson (in the middle) with her parents Dwayne Johnson (right) and Dany Garcia (left)

    Looking at this beautiful girl who not just have an attractive look but also a golden heart just like her father. So, why any guy is not approaching her? Maybe they do, but she might be rejecting them as she must be looking for her dream man.

    Or is it because of “The Rock” and the guys all fear him? Maybe that’s what’s it is. The guys must be thinking to be with her and who wouldn’t but the fright of her father stops them.

    Besides that, Dwayne Johnson also said in an interview that, “If Simone brings her boyfriend then Rock would choke him up and anyone who wants to date her.” Even though he said this jokingly, the guys must be taking it seriously.

    So, Simone is currently single and focused on her studies. There are no boyfriends for her as of now but she is secretly in love? Who is the person? Is it the person or something else?

    Simone Alexandra Johnson’s Secret Love In Her Life…

    Coming from the family where her dearest father is a wrestler undoubtedly Simone would also love the sport. When asked if she would ever follow the path of her dad then, Simone said, she loves Wrestling and in the future aspires to be just like her dad.

    Wrestling is her secret love and is very determined to become a Professional WWE wrestler. Simone comes from a background of professional wrestlers. Her father is a world renowned wrestler and her grandfather Rocky Johnson is also a famous wrestler.

    Not just that, Dwayne’s grandfather and Simone’s great-grandfather, Peter Maivia is also one of the greatest wrestlers. Simone has giant shoes to follow especially after the great wrestlers that are born in her family.

    Besides her father, Simone can take a lot of inspiration from her mother Dany Garcia as well. Dany is a bodybuilder and a pro wrestler so, the inspiration is all over the brood for her. The wrestling is the only love of Simone Alexandra Johnson’s life as she does not have any boyfriend.

    Additionally, Simone started modeling for IMG Models and she might find it amusing and shift her career towards that. Whatever happens and whoever she dates, it is all a matter of time.


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