Edoardo Baldi


An American actress Darnell Gregorio-De Palm is popular for her portrayal in the movie Bad Dreams. She further starred in 1989 action-adventure CBS television film Tarzan in Manhattan. Apart from acting, Palma further owns and runs a restaurant named e.baldi in Beverly Hills, California. Plam has a smooth and successful career; however, she has faced several ups and downs on her personal life. Currently, she is in a conjugal relationship with her third spouse,¬†Edoardo Baldi. Sadly, her previous two marriages ended with divorce. Early Life Darnell Gregorio-De Palma was born at around 1960s in the United States. However, she hasn’t revealed her actual date of birth. Her birth name is Darnell Gregorio. As per her nationality, she is American and belongs to Caucasian ethnic background. Besides this, there are no details about her parents, siblings, as well as educational background. Current Husband- Edoardo Baldi Darnell Gregorio De Palma is currently‚Ķ