English Businesswoman


If you believe that women cannot do anything, then after reading this article, your belief will change. We are going to talk about the English billionaire businesswoman, Denise Coates who successfully collected a net worth of $10.5 Billion USD. How she went to gain all of this? Well, she is famous as the founder and chief executive of a British online gambling company titled Bet365. The 52 years old, Denise has also donated a large amount of money to various institutions. Apart from her professional life, she is a married woman. If you are interested to find out who her husband is, then read the article until the end. Stay tuned. Early Life of Denise Coates Every person grows up with a dream of being a famous and successful personality. So is Denise Coates who raised under her supportive parents. She was born as the eldest daughter in her family.…