Korean Singer


If you follow Korean music then you must be familiar with the personality we are talking about. He is a leader of a Korean pop Band, Monsta X. The eldest member of the Korean boy group  Son Hyun Woo is better known as Shownu. Shownu is a passionate dancer and singer of K-pop group Monsta X. He is a tough-looking guy with a strong physique among the group of 7 members. The 27-year-old is currently single and fully focused on his career. Shownu’s Life Before Fame Shownu was born at the capital of South Korea, Seoul, on Jun 18, 1992.  He was brought up in South Korea by his parents, where he attended Donbonggu high school. The singer got involved in music from his school days, where he, along with his friends, would sing karaoke for fun at Pub. His friends later motivated him to join singing shows. Ultimately, Shownu…