Matteo Nash


On September 4, 2016, two sports personality, Steve Nash and Lilla Frederick accepted each other as a soulmate in front of their family. Their wedding was the talk of the town not just because they are a lovely couple but also because of their age gaps. As they say, age is just the number in love and despite Nash’s and Fredericks’s 16-year age difference, they are madly in love with each other. Let’s explore more about their married life and the wedding. When did Steve Nash get Married? Know about his Wife The former Basketball player, Nash tied the knot with Lilla Frederick on September 4, 2016. During the time of the marriage, Steve Nash was 42-year-old and Lilla Frederick was 26-year-old. The couple is now officially on the journey in the marriage highway. Steve and Lilla officially tied the knot months after Steve’s romantic proposal in Spain. The wedding…