Peggy Prescott


You might have seen various persons who rose to stardom after sharing some sort of relationship with the famous stars. Today’s topic is about Natalie Prescott-Smith who grabbed huge attention as the sister of the famous American football quarterback, Dak Prescott. As her family is quite famous, she easily rose to the limelight. Besides Dak, Natalie has two other siblings and both of them are brothers. Leading her life in a famous family, Prescott surely lives a lavish life as her brother, Dak has an estimated net worth of $2 Million as of 2019. If you want to find out in detail about Natalie, then read the article until the end. Early Life of Natalie Prescott-Smith The famous star, Natalie Prescott-Smith was born to her Afro-American father, Nathaniel Prescott and late-mother, Peggy Prescott. She grew up as the only daughter in her family with the other three brothers. Her brothers…