Scott Woodruff


Scott Woodruff is a multi-instrumentalist as well as singer, songwriter, record producer and frontman of the Reggae band, Stick Figure. He founded the band Stick Figure in 2006, which is based in Northern California. Stick Figure is an American Band based on the music genre that was originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s. This musical group has released seven full-length albums and instrumental albums, which were all written and produced by Woodruff himself. Birth details and Family The founder of Stick Figure Scott was born on  August 21, 1992, in  Duxbury, Massachusetts, United States.  When he was in grade four he got his first drum set. But, the motivation behind his career was his brother, who dragged him towards the music industry by showing him various bands. Well, the famous artist and multi-instrumentalist, Woodruff has not disclosed anything about his parents. Musical Journey Starts With An Inspiration For instance, …