Shannon Millard


Shannon Millard met Bart Millard in a church youth group and since then the couple is together. Millard’s love and caring nature for each other started from their teenage life. The couple married life is going very smoothly despite Millard has to stay out of the house for a long time because of his band. The wife of MercyMe band member Millard supports her husband very much and even today, the celebrity wife stands beside her hubby. Millard is now the family of seven with five children and Bart’s wife manages everything in the house. Maybe that’s the secret of their successful married life. Know more about their Marital status. Shannon Millard’s Married Life with Bart Millard The year 1988, will always be remembered by the couple as it is the year they met each other for the first time. Nine-years later on November 8, 1997, Millard walked down theā€¦