Stevie Hendrix


If your passion lies in something, following it with little to no knowledge about it will also turn out to be just fine. Sazan Hendrix is an American blogger, YouTuber, podcaster. Most of her blogs are concerned with beauty and lifestyle. This influencer is like an open. Sheis brutally honest about her imperfect life and her honesty makes her followers love her more. Sazan Hendrix is married to her college sweetheart. Because of their different ethnic background, her parents did not accept her husband as a son-in-law for months after their wedding. Moreover, her parents did not attend their wedding. However, they are accepted as a married couple by her family now. Also, she is a mother of one child. To know more about Sazan read the article until the end. Early Life Sazan Hendrix was born on October 2, 1989, as Sazan Barzani. However, she has shared very less…