This Means War


You might have seen a lot of personalities who rose to stardom after getting born into a rich family. Today’s topic is also related to the same famous persona, Roman Pruett who born with a silver spoon in his mouth to his famous parents Andrew Pruet and Abigail Spencer. In this article let’s further know about the celebrity child’s personal life. How is he spending his good young days? Read the article below. Roman Pruett’s Bio Roman Pruett was born on September 19, 2008, to Andrew Pruet (father) and Abigail Spencer (mother). His father is the CEO and co-owner of an Esports organization, NRG Esports whereas his mother is an American actress. Pruett is the grandson of Yancy Spencer III and Lydia Ann Brown. As of 2019, he is 11 years old. What Is Roman Pruett’s Relationship Status? The 11 years old Roman Pruett is too young to be in…