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    After Tammie Souza found her dream job at NBC 10 in 2017, she is in cloud 9. Souza excels in the extreme weather conditions as she made her career on hurricanes, Blizzards, and Heatwaves. Souza married her husband Greg Hendricks and enjoys her lovely family with one son.

    But nonetheless the Meteorologist could not have anticipated her son brian tumor. It was something even doctors were surprised to see. If you want to know more then keep reading the article below.

    Tammie Souza Married Life with Greg Hendricks

    The Meteorologist for NBC 10 is living a happy life together with her wonderful family. It all started when Souza walked down the aisle to get married to her soulmate. The couple has not revealed anything regarding their dating life but we can assume the pair might be dating for some years before tying the knot.

    Tammie Souza (right) with her husband Greg Hendricks (left)

    Furthermore, the wedding ceremony was conducted in a private function which was only attended by their family and friends. Besides that, the duo is enjoying their marital life for so many years now.

    Both of them stood by each other during difficult times and that has made their bond stronger than ever. From their long married life, the couple is blessed with one son named Caleb.

    Tammie Souza Son Brian Tumor

    In 2017, when Caleb was eight-years-old, he suffered a brain tumor of the size of an orange. This is the year when Souza moved from Chicago to Philadelphia for her work at NBC 10 while her husband stayed behind with their son.

    Tammie Souza (right) with her husband (left) and son Caleb (in the middle)

    An emergency MRI revealed the tumor inside Caleb’s head which was very rare kind but treatable. Caleb went through enormous pain and collapsed on the bed before the night of the operation. As per Caleb,

    “It felt like a needle, a knife, and a bullet going through my brain. All I could do was cry and Scream”.

    Being a parent it is unbearable pain that you have to got to see your child in such condition. Souza recalls the night,

    “To watch your son be in that much pain and not be able to help him I couldn’t have imagined anything so terrible. And then it got worse”.

    The doctors rushed the little kid to the hospital where after a long surgery, Caleb came back to normal life. But the illness sure did leave a scar in the couples life.

    Tammie Souza replaces Sheena Parveen at NBC 10

    NBC 10 made an offer Souza couldn’t refuse in 2017, they replaced Sheena Parveen with her. Prior joining NBC 10 she worked at Fox News as Meteorologist. Her passion for her work probably was the sole reason NBC 10 considered Souza to replace Sheena Parveen.

    Here at NBC news, she reports on weather alongside Dylan Dreyer, Krystal Klei, Brittney Shipp to name a few. Her dedication to bring weather reports to the audience is impeccable. In 2011, she reported on heavy snow and wind but still, she went to Tampa, Florida to report Blizzard.

    The Blizzard came with heavy rain and thunder but still, Souza’s dedication to bringing such extreme reports to the audience. Because of this passion and hard work, she won several awards and is one of the top meteorologists of the country.

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