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    The Emmy Award-winning Journalist Lucy Noland recently moved on from Fox 29 News after a long career. Fox 29 also replaced her very shortly after her departure. After leaving Fox 29, what is Noland doing now? Apart from work, Noland is living a wonderful life but is also surrounded by rumors of her secret husband and her being married.

    From her wonderful marital relationship, the couple is blessed with three angles in their life as per online sources. In her career, Noland covered many stories and bought a light on the issues. Let’s take a detour in her career and find more about her current status.

    Where is Lucy Noland Now?

    The 54-years-old Journalist very recently left Fox 29 News on May 31, 2019. She posted a goodbye video on Instagram remembering her lovely days at Philidelphia for five years. It’s been three months since she left the news network.

    At the moment Noland is enjoying her life with her friends by going out on different events. She recently attended the event for welcoming the National heroes in Springfield. Her fans will surely see her in Television doing what she does best very soon but as of now, she is enjoying her free time.

    Lucy Noland (second from right) attending an event for welcoming War veterans from Vietnam

    In the Insta video, Lucy wrote,

    “A love letter to Philly. 5 years flies by when you’re in love and, #philly I’m head over heels for you! Last night was, in

    fact, my last night @fox29philly. If the winds of change carry me away, know you’ll always be a part of me”.

    She further added,

    “Thank You so much for everything! (Oh, because I tend to be verbose, you can check out twitter or Facebook for the whole farewell)”.

    Lives a Single

    There are many rumors and speculation about her marriage on the online tabloids. We don’t think that Noland is married as she does not wear any ring on her finger. Going through her photos on social media, there is evidence that she does not have a husband.

    Meanwhile, there are some online tabloids, which refer to Brett Armstrong as her husband. It says, the couple tied the knot in 1999 and are still together. Not just that, from their nearly two-decade-long marriage, the pair is blessed with three children.

    Lucy Noland getting ready for Superbowl

    However, Lucy herself has not confirmed any of the details. There are no news or information about her spouse and offsprings. So, until and unless Noland confirms any details about her marital life or her relationship status, we can say she is still looking for the right guy.

    On the other hand, she loves someone and apart from her family and friends, it is an animal. Especially, Noland’s heart beats for cats and dogs. She has adopted some pet dogs and cats and spends a lot of time with them. The News Anchor also advocates for adopting stray animals so that they feel the care and love.

    Lucy Noland adopting a pet dog

    Her Fox29 News Family…

    She started her career at Fox News in 2014 and stayed there for five years. As her replacement Jason Martinez is taking over her role at Fox News. Lucy worked alongside Karen Hepp, Gigi Graciette, to name a few.

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