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    Is the adult-minor affair ever justified? Experts may have been discussing it for years, but an 18-year-old Youtuber, Ariadna Juarez, renewed the discussion. Is pedophilia, in fact, a crime, or just an obstacle to the happiness of people? Just like other social media influencers, Savannah Ramirez, Graciela Montes, Juarez is also a very popular figure.

    The native of Texas rose to fame through social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, but she attracted the world’s attention, including some severe social workers, when she cleaned up about dating a thirteen-year-old kid Damian Gurrusquieta. If you want to know more about her current relationship status we suggest you read the entire article.

    Who was Ariadna Juarez’s, Young Love Interest?

    On Youtube and Instagram, Ariadna was already famous, but fame wasn’t enough where she wanted to do some progressive works for society. She wanted to inform the world about a very unique love, making a wildfire the internet worldwide.

    Ariadna Decides
    Image: Ariadna Decides with her former boyfriend

    One fine day, she felt the need to disclose about her dating life. Juarez revealed that she dated a 13-year-old minor while she was 18, i.e., an adult. She uploaded in the bed some pictures of her and the child, who in some of them was shirtless.

    Perhaps she wanted to demonstrate the world that love comes in various forms and types. Since it’s all about happiness, Ariadna wished that individuals should have accepted her relationship rather than creating that big of a commotion. He’s just five years older than her after all — and a minor.

    Ariadna Juarez & Damian Gurrusquieta Spilt Due to the Public Lashes?

    Unsurprisingly, the pair decided to spilt due to extreme negativity of their relationship status “the negativity has come out of hand” and Ariadna thinks that “the only reason this has become such a large deal is that both he and I have been well recognized on social media.”

    Because the unlikely couple broke up, the mom of the boy said: “It’s very upsetting for me to see them because I can see and I can tell how much they both love each other.” Did you guys know that Damian’s mother was always in the favor of the couple? Yes, it’s true that she always supported them together.

    Who is Ariadna Juarez’s Current Love Interest?

    Ariadna is currently in a relationship with a guy who seems to be of her age. She often posts a picture of her current boyfriend on her Instagram post. However, she hasn’t revealed his name yet.

    Ariadna Juarez
    Image: Ariadna Juarez with her current boyfriend

    Recently, a few days back, Ariadna posted a picture with this mysterious guy kissing him. The duo seems to be in love with each other and wants to start off their family together. However, they haven’t yet stepped up their relationship to the next level.


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