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    Love at first sight! This surely sums up the romantic story of Maria Stephanos and her married life. She fell in love with her first boyfriend and ended up making him her husband. Currently, she is very successful in her professional life thanks to her happy family life.

    Stephanos received an EVVY Awards for her craft in her career. Her journey to the top is quite inspiring to many as she made her way to the top by fighting illness. In the article below, let’s find out more about her first date and her relationship with her husband.

    Maria Stephanos Married Life. Who is her Husband?

    Firstly, not many people are lucky to find their future husband in their first boyfriend. Luckily for Stephanos, she went on a date with Dale Stephanos who later would become her husband. Not many people have this luck of finding the one in the first try.

    Dale Stephanos (left) with his wife Maria Stephanos (right)

    Dale works as an illustrator for various magazines such as Rolling Stones, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated. In an interview with WCVB, Stephanos remembers the lovely day she met the love of her life. She said,


    “My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) had just moved to Groveland from Swampscott and I think we walked home together in two feet of snow”.

    Her husband Dale avoids the spotlight and rarely talks to the media. Any details about her marital life come from Maria herself. Maybe because of her constant fixture with the camera as she is a TV host for WCVB. However, in 2009, Dale updated about his wife health after she collapsed during her work because of dehydration and exhaustion.

    Maria Stephanos Children and Family

    From their more than two-decades-long marriage, the couple is blessed with two children. Stephanos gave birth to the couple first child, a daughter Isabella Stephanos. Isabella is now 20-years-old. After three years gap, Stephanos became a mother again with the birth of the duos’ son Liam Stephanos.

    Maria Stephano’s children Liam Stephanos and Isabella Stephanos

    Both of them are a very family person as they like to spend most times with each other. From her childhood, Maria grew up in a loving family with parents and grandparents. She remembers her past,

    “Our parents were super-attentive to me and Nicole. So kind. It was almost like, ‘Maria, that’s the best burp we’ve ever heard”.

    She further added,

    “My grandparents worked so hard. That’s how I learned to be a reporter. I saw them interact with customers. Someone would come in for a candy bar and they would be talking about politics, their lives”.

    Maria Stephanos at her home in Foxboro

    Stephanos is exactly the same as she is a loving mom. The couple lives in Shaw Place in Foxboro with their children.

    Maria Stephanos at WCVB News

    Besides her great personal life, Stephanos has an amazing professional life. After leaving Fox Network because of her shakedown with a former employer, she joined WCVB Channel 5. She started working at WCVB News since January 2016 and in these three years, she earned a good fan base.

    Here at WCVB Channel 5, she works alongside Ed Harding, Heather Unruh, Erika Tarantal, to name a few. Stephanos enjoys working at the news station and praised highly in an interview. She said,

    “WCVB is my new home, and I couldn’t be prouder to be joining this team of dedicated and talented jounalists…”.

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