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    Twitch streamer and Youtube Sensation, Ryan Haywood and his wife is the topic of interest for many Rooster Teeth Fan. Every fan of Rooster Teeth wants to know about his wife.

    Well, folks, Ryan is a man of commitment as he married his high school sweetheart and they are still together. But is there any rumors surrounding the lovable couple? We will discuss more of his married life in the article below.

    Who Ryan Haywood is Married To? Know About His Wife

    Ryan married the love of his life Dr. Laurie Higginbotham in 2007. Despite being an internet sensation, Ryan manages to not disclose much about his family life. His spouse and Ryan both are animal lovers.

    Ryan Haywood with his dog in his home. 

    Laurie works as a veterinarian in Austin, Texas and the affection for the animals might’ve led them together. Ryan and Laurie met each other in high school and nothing is known about the start of their beautiful relationship.

    The millionaire YouTube star worked as a pool cleaner and as a model before gaining this fame on the internet. Ryan is a practical person and without spending lavishly on wedding, his marriage was a low affair.

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    Ryan Haywood’s Family Life

    The 6 feet tall star is happily married for over a decade now and is also a proud father. After three years of marriage, Ryan and his better half celebrated one of the happiest moment of their life; the birth of their first child.

    Giving birth is one of the blissful moment and in the life of Laurie, and that moment came two times. One in the form of a daughter another a son. Haywood and Laurie welcomed their first kid, Eli Haywood on 2011 and another child on October 2013.

    Ryan Haywood (in the middle) with his two kids in Twitch streaming.

    His second child was a daughter and her name is Olivia Haywood. The couple lives happily in Austin, Texas with their children and two animals. Ryan and his wife both are animal lovers and is raising several dogs and cats in their crib.

    People have rarely seen his kids but in one of Ryan’s Twitch streams, both the children appeared and they are very cute.

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    Ryan Haywood’s Fan Favorite Host at Achievement Hunter

    The fan-favorite host at Achievement Hunter a subsidiary of Rooster Teeth Productions is followed by 133K people on Instagram. His posts mostly include his work and recently he posted about his new costume from the new episode.

    Similarly, 381K followers follow him on Twitter and they call him by different names with love. I’m still in the air! I’m Flying is one of the quotes of Ryan when his fans shower him with unconditional love. The fans call him with the names like Iron Ryan, The Mad King, The Vagabond, and many more.


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