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    The boyfriend of US Soccer star Tobin Heath is a mystery. Maybe because she doesn’t have one and is more inclined towards girls. There are rumors of Tobin being in a gay relationship with her national team player.

    Who is it? Or the claims of her being in a gay relationship is just a rumor. Tobin’s personal life is very secret as opposed to her professional life. So, today let’s take a dive into Tobin relationship status and try to answer the rumors.

    Tobin Heath’s Boyfriend or does she have a Girlfriend?

    The US forward stays tight-lipped when it comes to revealing information about her relationship. As per most reports, Tobin does not have a boyfriend but rather has a girlfriend. Who is it?

    Well, it is none other than her National Women soccer team player Christen Press. There are only reports of both of them are a thing but neither of them has confirmed about their relationship. The rumors are also loosely based on the 2018 news when Tobin and Christen both left the team for personal reasons.

    Tobin Heath (right) with Christen Press (left) in a stadium before a match

    According to Caitlin Murray‘s tweet about their leaving the national team for some time, the whole speculation of Tobin and Christen are a thing started. Though there is news of Tobin being single, her Facebook page speaks otherwise.

    According to her Facebook page, Tobin is in a relationship with someone since 2011 but Heath has not revealed who the person is. Because of that, the fans are always speculating whether she has a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    The girlfriend news got even stronger after Tobin and Christen supported Megan Rapinoe in her gender-neutral lifestyle brand.

    (From left to right) Megan Rapinoe, Christen Press, and Tobin Heath promoting gender-neutral lifestyle brand

    Tobin Heath’s Family

    Even though Tobin has not let any details about her dating status, someone actually claimed that Tobin is dating a guy from Nj. But we don’t have enough evidence to confirm it. Besides that, Tobin is very devoted to her family and loves spending time with them.

    Not just her real-life family but her second family as well, her National team players. Tobin spends her free time with her second family of national players like Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Kelley O’Hara, Christen Press, Carli Llyod, and many more.

    (From left to right) Tobin Heath, Alex Morgan, and Rose Lavelle celebrating after a goal

    The FIFA world cup winner has a deep relationship with Jesus Christ as she is a devoted follower. In an interview with Belief, she said,

    “I can’t even imagine going through life without my relationship with Jesus. So much of it is me relying on Him and me needing Him, not just in those crazy circumstances but in the day-to-day activities. During that time at the world cup, it was a rollercoaster ride, but it was neat to just see His hand on that. It’s more than just winning or losing. There are so many relationships that go deeper than that. He has a plan in it all. You have to trust that.”

    Tobin Heath’s Rumors or Controversies

    There are no such rumors or controversies regarding Tobin Heath expect about her relationship status. But as long as Tobin confirms about her sexuality and who her partner is all the news are just speculations.

    Tobin on the field is very focused and her biggest strength apart from her skills is her pace just like Christian Pulisic. Heath focuses on her career and after winning the world cup in 2019 apparently makes her along with all the teammates in the sports legend category.

    So, as long as there is no confirmation about Tobin relationship but many of her teammates are in a relationship. As per reports, we can assume her to be single. For any latest confirmation about Tobin Heath, relationship status stay with hookinmouth.com.